SALP: the company

The history of S.A.L.P. SpA witnesses the extraordinary growth of an Italian company, which, from a small local reality, has become a leading company in its sector in Europe. The company, founded in 1959 in Bologna, moved to Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1971. Initially working on the land recovery of the Padana Plain, S.A.L.P. SpA immediately introduced itself in the methanisation sector, which, in that period, saw the Emilia region as the driving force of research and enhancement of methane gas and oil. It is the beginning of an important development season. The company acquired a rather qualified technical and professional expertise, passed the Italian borders and, year after year, consolidated its presence even aboard. Today, S.A.L.P. SpA is well-known internationally and its core business is represented by the implementation of turnkey projects for the construction and the maintenance of methane networks both in Italy and abroad.

The expertise acquired from a technical point of view together with the highly potential equipment and operating means pushed S.A.L.P. SpA to deal with design and implementation as well as of oil, oxygen and water pipelines, and of workings concerning sewage systems, road works, bank protections, land stabilising, water protections.

As completion to its offer, S.A.L.P. SpA gained a solid experience in the activity of maintenance of pipelines and systems, both of oil and gas, with special attention to prevention aspects and issues linked to safety. In over forty years of activity, S.A.L.P. SpA worked with important Italian and foreign companies, always achieving excellent results. Owing to its ideas, ability to innovate and develop, in 2010 S.A.L.P. SpA was awarded with the Leading Company Prize in innovation and Made in Friuli in Italy and in the world.