Understanding and achieving the expectations of our clients, providing a high quality service, competitive and respectful of the needs of workers and of the environment: this is the company philosophy, with which S.A.L.P. SpA has grown and developed since 1971 its own know-how in the oil and gas sector, covering all the several aspects of this important part of the world of work, providing turnkey projects, relating to the construction of gas, oil pipelines and control stations, providing technicians and equipment for the maintenance of networks and operational gas pipelines, designing and building the infrastructures connected to these works.

After becoming one of the major Italian companies in the sector, S.A.L.P. SpA. extended its expertise internationally by acquiring jobs in Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, obtaining positive results; our internationalization process, therefore, is proceeding in a constant and sustainable manner, marked by a deep and stable knowledge of our abilities and expertise. As a matter of fact, we are present with our sales offices in North Africa, in the Balkans and in Middle East, where we are working without excluding the possibilities to collaborate with local organizations, with which we have created some effective collaborations.

Our important means and equipment fleet, a multicultural and ambitious staff, our financial capacity, allow us to respond to clients' requests in a fast and professional manner, always having as priority their satisfaction, the respect of local realities, the minimization of risks on job places and of pollution and optimization of consumptions.

Our approach is to call highly qualified personnel, by offering them a work environment, which encourages the fulfillment of their potentiality and which allows to carry out their expectations.

With these preconditions and with the perseverance to improve, S.A.L.P. SpA. offers to strengthen more and more its own participation in Europe as well as all over the world to the big projects of the future.